Predictive Dialing

Automatic bulk dialing systems are used to improve the performance of call center operators. If your salespersons or employees working with customers on the phone make hundreds or thousands of calls, then the Automatic Dialing System will maximize the performance and save valuable time allowing to focus on the conversation with a recipient, while delegating all routine tasks to the computer.
There are several various modes of Automatic Dialing System operation.

Схема основных режимов автоматического обзвона в онлайн-телефонии

Automatic Dialing modes



We have already discussed calls without the involvement of operators (dialing by voicebot) and a progressive mode.

Automatic predictive dialing

This mode differs from other modes of automatic outgoing dialing.

Available call center operator connects to a call only when the recipient answers the call.

Predictive calling is an automatic dialing mode where the system makes a series of outgoing calls to numbers from the dialing list, predicting the number of operators available at a given time. As soon as the call is answered, the system immediately connects the recipient with an available employee.
In the predictive dialing mode, the system obviously makes more calls than there are operators available at the given moment, since it predicts that some calls will not be answered (busy, hung up, wrong number). Enabling this mode increases the role of the call center supervisor, who can adjust settings for a mathematical algorithm that is underlying the prediction.

Настройки предиктивного обзвона в панели управления онлайн-телефонии для оператора колл-центра

Predictive dialing settings


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