Receiving and Sending Fax to Email

Услуга виртуальный факс на email на базе оборудования от Asterisk

Sending a fax to Asterisk email

Receiving and Sending Fax to Email

With a fax, you can send documents over phone lines. In the modern era of Internet, this feature seems useless, yet fax was truly critical before the emergence of the global web and email. Asterisk IP PBX enables sending and receiving facsimile. Using this feature, you can:

  • recognize the incoming fax connection and launch a session/li>
  • save (receive) incoming fax as Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) file
  • receive TIFF files in a modern format
  • send TIFF files to various fax machines
  • print faxes
  • receive faxes to email
  • send faxes to email

Using an Asterisk-based fax server will simplify and speed up company operation by:

  • allowing to save costs for fax machines, paper, and cartridges
  • eliminating intermediate operations to prepare a fax message, which saves employees’ time
  • automatically receiving faxes, which can be useful for night-time and weekends
  • enabling the preview of fax received to a personal or corporate phone number from anywhere in the world with Internet access
  • enabling moving from one office to another without the troubles with number restoring and laying new phone networks
  • leveraging the fax server feature, which allows improving data security and privacy. On top of that, this feature will let the company seamlessly integrate facsimile communication into the system of modern digital communications and significantly boost the efficiency of business processes.