Automatic Dialer System. What is it and how can this service help your business?

Автообзвон клиентов как услуга call-центра
IPtel’s Dialer

What is it?

This app brings benefits to companies relying on staff communication with customers via the telephone.

Dialer optimizes a routine task of manually dialing numbers while significantly reducing working hours and increasing performance by as much as 75%.

The app is installed on the server and integrated with existing business applications. This allows leveraging the database of phone numbers already existing within the company.

SIP dialing allows to:

  • offer services to an already existing list of customers – the operator’s personal offer to the recipient is much more efficient than mailouts, as it involves a personalized approach, thus increasing the number of positive feedback and allowing the operator to answer questions arising as the potential buyer proceeds with the conversation, which is not possible in case of text messages;
  • automatically broadcast information on new company offers or promotions. This service helps involve operators more productively: the customers listen to a pre-recorded voice message, while employees connect only to provide additional explanations (if envisaged by the call scenario);
  • automatically remind customers of the need to make a payment or a debt. In this case, the system is configured for specific people according to the calendar and the steps they take, without the need to look for the required phone number amidst the multitude of numbers in the list;
  • send holiday greetings – this event can be planned well in advance based on the recipients’ working schedule and their peculiarities;
  • call debtors with a warning reminding them of the delayed payment. Such a category of calls is the most time-consuming for the company staff. Not only does the Dialer call the recipient a pre-set number of times at a time specified by the manager, but also records all recipient’s actions – did not pick up/hung up/busy/no coverage, etc. Such a report simplifies planning subsequent calls to debtors by linking a scenario corresponding to each case;
  • conduct market research or recipient surveys. In this case, the customer database is sorted by the set task, and the software only dials the required number;
  • effectively apply automatic dialing inside the company to notify employees of the meetings, events, communicate relevant information on the workflow;
  • use a callback feature. This type of calls is scheduled for the time specified by the buyer or partner and is launched automatically according to the set timer.
Варианты автообзвона и популярность его применения на сегодняшний день

The relevance of installing the Dialer

Who can make use of the Dialer app:

  • call centers of companies selling goods or providing services on B2B and B2C markets;
  • sociological and marketing services;
  • debt collection agencies;
  • transport companies;
  • large medical centers;
  • online stores with high volumes of sales;
  • phone companies;
  • outsourcing contact centers;
  • financial institutions (state and private);
  • shipping companies;
  • companies with many employees;

other companies dealing with phone calls.

Connecting the Dialer app on average allows making 75% more calls, which enables the expansion of the customer database without increasing the number of staff. Just compare: with manual dialing, one employee can make at most 100 calls a day,

while with the Dialer, this figure grows at least twice for 8 hours.

This is because the operator only connects for an actual conversation and only when this is needed, without having to waste time dialing numbers.

What are Dialer’s benefits for the company?/strong>

The package qualitatively transforms the company’s operation in several fields:

  • management – the manager decides on the call sequence and scenario;
  • supervision – staff performance is optimized through equal operator workload and the ability to keep continuous records of all made calls;
  • dialing – the automation system allows reducing the operator’s working time as the operator only connects for the actual conversation, while the system calls the recipient without human involvement according to the pre-set scenario.

This enables the manager to rationally distribute workload and keep track of employee load. On the one hand, this helps to control performance, while on the other – it provides the ability for automatic dialing and involving employees only as needed. Both can save human and financial resources through workflow automation.

For the operator, it completely eliminates unproductive time losses associated with dialing.

With the possibility to add voice messages recorded by a professional broadcaster, you may even choose not to involve employees in sending same-type notifications.

How does Dialer work?

The app works with the following dialing campaign types:

  • for outgoing calls without the involvement of employees to communicate a standard message;
  • outgoing calls to customers with the operator’s involvement and booking – this method enables the employee to prepare for the call, having reviewed the customer card;
  • outgoing predictive calls to customers with the involvement of the operator – in this case, any available operator connects to the call if the recipient picks up.

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