Asterisk – 21st-century communication platform

Asterisk is the future of telephony

Asterisk is software that turns your computer into a communication server (IP PBX, call center, contact center, automatic dialer, and more). Asterisk allows developers to create voice and video apps for business, like office phone systems, solutions for call centers, automatic dialer, which help solve any communication task that modern companies may face. As of today, 18% of world business communications rely on Asterisk-based products and solutions. Millions of companies around the globe have chosen Asterisk to build their information and communication systems, as this framework is:

  • Multifunctional
  • Compatible with analog telephony
  • Scalable
  • Distributed under a free license

Asterisk VoIP is a reliable assistant for your business

For small and large companies, the matter of Asterisk-based VoIP deployment may arise both at the start-up stage and in the process of successful growth. After all, digital hardware PBX can always correspond to all business requirements: e.g., to improve communications between the staff and optimize call center performance, consider installing Asterisk-based telephony.

Major advantages of Asterisk-based telephony

Asterisk VoIP combines the functionality of a standard digital PBX and numerous other perks:

  • Convenient IVR;
  • Call forwarding;
  • Integration with the CRM system – recording all calls;
  • Asterisk 1C integration enables convenient work with the existing customer database;
  • Management using a convenient web interface;
  • Working even with remote computers;
  • Using VoIP as an Internet communication channel can significantly reduce the cost of international and intercity communication;
  • And the use of Linux OS makes it easy to combine the features of the PBX and Internet gateway.

With Asterisk, the organization of a full-fledged virtual office means minimum investment, leading to the optimization of external and internal processes at any enterprise. Asterisk-based telephony features a multitude of possible configurations, so it can be set according to the needs of your business.

Deployment of Asterisk-based VoIP with the help of IPtel specialists

IPtel’s Asterisk-based PBX is an opportunity for quick and quality installation of modern VoIP for your office. With a personalized approach to the customer, affordable prices, free consultations, Asterisk deployment performed by our specialists will help fix any VoIP-related issue promptly and comprehensively. By ordering installation and Asterisk-based call center, you get considerable time and money savings:

  • Reduced cost of communication;
  • Quality and timely customer service through smart call distribution;
  • Reduced expenses on staff, improved performance and even distribution of workload among employees/departments;
  • Call handling center – Asterisk call center is a convenient way to optimize the processes of company management and distribution of calls among agents;
  • Integration of Asterisk and 1C offers full analytics on phone calls, recordings for each customer;
  • More sales, higher customer loyalty and engagement.

Asterisk-based telephony has established itself as a quality and reliable system ensuring high availability, which is essential for business needs. Multifunctionality, flexibility and a high degree of security of this system allow easy integration of numerous hardware and software components, the use of many advanced telephony features (voicemail, conference calls, call centers, call forwarding).

IPtel is your assistant in the matters of VoIP deployment for your business.