• Building a stable and fault-tolerant telephony system based on the cluster, characterized by high availability.
  • Even distribution of incoming phone calls among line departments and company focus areas.
  • Creating and implementing a single dial plan to simplify matters between employees and reduce operational expenses.
  • Maintaining a communication channel and ultimately precise setting of routing required for quality VIP customer service.
  • Organizing phone conferences to maintain continuous communication between branches, discuss current company matters with staff members, and adhere to uniform internal policies and procedures.
  • Creating multichannel communication with consumers to receive advice and communicate any information.
  • Automatic broadcasting of information concerning active promotions and events held by the company.
  • Arranging a distribution cluster, the ability to create a single reliable information space used by all company specialists with the help of telephony technology equipped with a CRM system or a line for exchanging company data.
  • Automatic notification of debtors about the amount of debt and its maturity date.

IP PBX technology enables to easy record incoming calls for subsequent analysis, resolve disputable issues, improve consultant performance, speed up the customer service process.

The use of state-of-the-art automatic dialing technologies offers opportunities for attracting new customers. These management and administration tools help continuously monitor specialists’ performance.

Implementing Asterisk-based telephony technologies at financial institutions means:

  • Guaranteed optimization of expenses on telecommunications
  • Improved efficiency of specialist performance
  • Loyalty from existing and potential customers