The hardware and software system developed by our company offers the customer a possibility to successfully fix issues arising at the time of handling incoming and outgoing calls, namely:

  • Accept calls from consumers and immediately forward them to a corresponding department, including using an IVR.
  • Simultaneously notify multiple customers of the company promotions and events, inform them of new services and offers.
  • Make automatic callbacks to potential customers from the company’s database.
  • Considerably reduce waiting time during cold calls.


Leveraging innovative VoIP technologies, deployment of dedicated highly technological equipment and software allows to:

  • Efficiently organize employee and operator working hours by reducing the time needed to make calls to customers. Directly connect a contact to the operator only when the former picks up the call.
  • Automate the process of customers’ call distributions in accordance with their preferences.
  • Analyze center performance based on the detailed statistics of the performance of each operator, department, employee and other important analytical data, such as call and service duration, operator’s downtime, response duration, performance quality, compliance with internal rules.
  • Monitor specialists’ performance at all stages of calls. This is possible through a special supervisor’s panel, which can be used to monitor employee performance in real time. This panel shows the information on the phone call status. Note that for more efficient training and monitoring, the panel has prompt giving and call listening features.