Operatorless Outgoing Calling

Исходящий обзвон клиентов без участия операторов call-центра

Operatorless Outgoing Calling

Operatorless outgoing calling.
In this case, the operator is replaced by the interactive voice broadcasting system.
Such calls are usually aimed at delivering some information to already existing customers. Here are some examples:

  • Calling customers who are in arrays to remind them of overdue debts;
  • Notifications of maintenance works, critical equipment failures;
  • Identifying initial interest;
  • Informing of sales, promotions, new products and services.



How does it work?

The manager uploads a list of numbers for dialing.

  1. You prepare a text to be communicated to the customer.
    Our professional broadcaster records an audio file or several files which the system will speak if the dialing attempt is successful.
  2. The manager sets the time when the dialing starts.

    Once the dialing task is launched, the system starts making calls. When the recipient picks up, a recording is played, for example: “Hello! Welcome to IPtel. Earlier, you took interest in the possibility of renting a call center. We have created this product, and it only costs UAH 400 a month. If you are interested, press 1; if no – press 0.”

    When the recipient presses 1, you can forward the call to the human operator, who will then consult a potential customer.

  3. Upon completing the calling, we can download the statistics and generate a list of potential customers who were interested in the offer (pressed button 1).
  4. Now, our managers can start calling this list of relatively “warm” customers.

    Совершение исходящих звонков с помощью робота (IVR)

    Outgoing calling – robot

As a result, you can

  • call your cold and warm database and identify potential customers who are interested in your offer;
  • communicate any information to all your customers at the same time, according to the schedule;
  • survey your customers by phone and provide analytics in the form of convenient spreadsheets and diagrams;
  • save your employees’ time by assigning routine tasks to the robot.

Various modes of outgoing calling

Все варианты режимов автообзвона

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