Online Monitoring Panel

Real-time call panel

The call panelПанель онлайн мониторинга и управления входящими и исходящими звонками на IP-АТСwill help see calls in real time. This includes such data, as who is calling to whom at the moment, answered and pending calls, which all help assess the call center’s workload.

Who can benefit from it:


  • Now all operations are accessible with just one click!
  • View available staff members
  • Forward calls to extension numbers, voice mail or outside numbers
  • Park calls
  • Manage and view parked calls
  • Search and filter numbers in real-time (perfect for major companies)

Call center managers:

  • You can both see the operator’s status and quickly assess the situation with a queue
  • View registered agents in the queue
  • View agent status (paused, logged off, invalid)
  • Manage agents: add, delete or pause queue members
  • Listen in or prompt agents
  • Use one of three modes: listening, conference call or employee training. This is a very convenient tool for training new staff members.




End users:

  • You can make the most out of all FOP2 panel features, while not being a call center member
  • Call notification (caller’s name and number, call in the queue)
  • Call management: call forwarding, hanging up, parking, etc.
  • Conference management: blocking, exit, muting, other.
  • Viewing current call status
  • IM Chat: Instant Messaging. Exchanging instant messages
  • Using the browser to listen to voice mail