Merging Branches into One Network

Объединение филиалов в одну сеть с помощью IP-телефонии и цифровой АТС от AsteriskToday, many large (and small) companies set a virtually main goal of connecting their branches or other offices within a city into a single network with free calls inside such network. This is easily possible with VoIP powered by Asterisk-based IP PBX.

Merging all offices into a single network is a good deal, as it offers:

  • free calls within the network;
  • short numbers for all staff members;
  • conference room feature;
  • call statistics;
  • besides, the carrier may be configured only in the head office, while all branches will use the central office’s exchange for calls, releasing the company management of the need to set up a landline number for the branch in each city (country).

Key features available after merging

  • Shared numbering capacity. Shared extension numbers will be used for calls to other offices
  • Less expenses on the purchase of additional landline phone numbers for each company office – an additional office may use head office’s landlines
  • Savings on international negotiations – if branches are located in different cities, the call to another office is virtually free of charge. You only pay for Internet traffic, which is very small
  • Set up of a 24/7 service number
  • Monitoring of staff phone conversations
  • A single company number for all branches
  • Merging with partners into a shared network