Installing Office Mini PBX by IPtel

A communication platform is an IP PBX or a call center ensuring the telecommunications network for the business, which will help complete all tasks related to communications at your office with minimum costs and an extensive set of modern features.

A communication platform, often called PBX, is usually software on a regular computer or a dedicated hardware and software system which processes and allocates phone calls to contacts connected via any IP network or public telephone network and allows to:


  • Save money on phone calls
  • Improve service quality
  • Improve and speed up staff performance
  • Attract more customers and partners
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IVR and voicemail

IVR recorded by a professional broadcaster will help speed up the process of call handling.

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Call recording

This is a tool used to control the quality of customer service. Record all conversations and listen to them in a user-friendly web interface.

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Call analytics and statistics

The system of call monitoring and accounting. All sorts of reports for efficient solutions. KPIs by employees.

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Multichannel SIP numbers

Reduce the number of missed calls and save on calls. Don’t lose potential customers.

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Merge branches into one network

Use one PBX for all your branches, regardless of their location.

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Call forwarding

Communication with your company becomes simpler for your customers, while staff members spend less time on call handling.

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Conference calls

Hold group discussions, meetings, or negotiations. Arrange conferences via a user-friendly interface.

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Integration with CRM

Integrations with business apps: CRM Bitrix 24, AmoCRM, 1C... Make more sales. Boost customer loyalty.

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Savings on international calls

VoIP providers’ tariffs on international calls are considerably cheaper. We will help select a carrier that will suit you best.

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Savings on mobile communications

Use dedicated GSM gateways and call distribution rules to significantly reduce expenses on mobile communications.

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Staff training

You can listen to the conversations of your employees online and give them prompts that are inaudible to customers.

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Built-in CRM for cloud solutions

Built-in CRM helps in maintaining a customer database. Convenient search, filtering and detailed information on every customer.

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Obsolete PBX upgrade

Many companies face situations when the existing analog PBX fails in completing set tasks and gradually becomes mentally and physically obsolete. This scenario means it's high time to upgrade it.
The most common symptoms include:

  • There is nowhere to connect new hires.
  • VoIP telecom carriers or calls from the website can’t be connected.
  • You need call recording.
  • External lines are not enough to receive all customer calls.
  • You need call center functionality or an automatic dialer for the sales and marketing department.
  • You need to connect your telephony to the CRM system’s server, but the PBX was not designed for this.
  • You need call analytics for internal accounting.
  • New regional offices are being set up.
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Connection scheme


Rent PBX
UAH 850/month
  • Up to 7 employees
  • 3 external numbers
  • 20 GB for call records
  • Employee statistics
  • Smart scenarios for the distribution of incoming and outgoing calls
  • 15 sec for free recording of voice greetings
  • Free technical support
  • -
UAH 1250/month
  • Up to 25 employees
  • 12 external numbers
  • 50 GB for call records
  • Employee statistics
  • Smart scenarios for the distribution of incoming and outgoing calls
  • 30 sec for free recording of voice greetings
  • Free technical support
  • -
UAH 2000/month
  • Up to 50 employees
  • 25 external numbers
  • 90 GB for call records
  • Employee statistics
  • Smart scenarios for the distribution of incoming and outgoing calls
  • 60 sec for free recording of voice greetings
  • Free technical support
  • Call widget from website
From UAH 9000
Enterprise-level IP PBX
  • Up to 250 employees
  • Call analytics
  • Integration with analog PBX
  • E1 trunk connection
  • Call recording
  • Call queue setting
  • GSM gateway connection
  • Technical support
  • Integration with CRM

No need to buy a server

Phone platform and all the required apps are installed on our equipment, which is located in the secure data center. Small subscription fee. Free and prompt support on business days and built-in mini CRM.

Packaged solution

One-time investment for many years

The phone platform and all required apps are installed on the physical server located in your office. All information is stored locally on your equipment. No monthly fees. Can operate offline.



Every active conversation takes up approximately 100Kbps of bandwidth. This means, that a 10 Mbps channel is enough for 10 simultaneous conversations. Also, make sure that the channel delay does not exceed 50ms and 40ms for jitter delay. The package loss percentage in the network should be no more than 0.5%.

Yes. We will install specialized equipment – VoIP FXO gateway – to connect your analog line to IP PBX.

Depending on call distribution in your company, we will select the most suitable carrier based on the price to quality ratio.

Yes, you can. We can install Asterisk and all the required packages on your VPS, virtual machine, or your existing server or computer. You can also rent a cloud solution from us.

Based on our practical experience, the deployment of a standard solution takes up to 5 days in case of a packaged solution. Or it can last up to 2 days with cloud solutions (rental).

Yes, this is a commonly used scenario. Asterisk is being installed between the VoIP carrier and analog PBX. Most often, the connection to the operator and PBX is established via the E1 flow. All calls passing through Asterisk will be recorded and processed according to IP PBX rules.

Buy IPtel’s mini PBX for your office

What to do if your office telephony fails to cope with the heavy load, which is reflected in lost customers, missed calls, uneven distribution of workload among managers answering incoming calls from your business partners or customers? To find a way out of this situation, buy a mini PBX for your office, which allows improving the quality of office telephony performance, receiving and distributing incoming calls in parallel with internal calls among staff members, reducing communication costs, optimizing internal business processes and boosting profits. After all, for business people and company managers, to buy an IP PBX means to find a solution for a serious issue of arranging communication, optimizing the business and achieving its thriving.

How will the office PBX help my business?

If office and company managers buy a PBX for office today, they will make a responsible step. Subsequently, it will lead to quality and seamless operation of your telephony, which is a key to the success of both small companies and world-known corporations. Tons of information have been said about the benefits of office VoIP installation, and these perks are experienced in practice by each of our customers: even allocation of calls, analytics for every call, improved communication both with customers and within the company, optimization of costs on communications, distribution of workload among managers, departments, and so on.

For many years, IPtel has been considered in our country one of the acknowledged leaders in the field of installation, programming, and administration of office mini PBX. Our specialists are leaders of their profession, so depending on the customer’s needs and preferences, they will assist in buying a mini PBX, by accurately selecting the required equipment, headsets, as well as programming it according to the customer’s instructions and under the tightest schedule.

Buy office PBX – tips from IPtel

To meet the customer’s needs for quality and efficient office communication, we offer the following options:

  • Mini PBX installation;
  • Wireless mini PBX installation;
  • Wireless VoIP installation;
  • VoIP installation.

The price of mini PBX installation depends on the range of required features and equipment capabilities, as well as on the manufacturer of the equipment, which is selected in full compliance with the customer’s preferences and tips from our specialists. Our company only cooperates with acknowledged world-renowned manufacturers, which guarantees quality and uninterrupted equipment operation.

Still wondering about prices on mini PBX? Then, feel free to call IPtel, and we will offer the most affordable prices on equipment purchase and installation, teach you to use telephony and even provide one month of free maintenance.

IPtel – your reliable assistant in the VoIP world!