IP PBX for government agencies

IP PBX for government agencies

Our many years of experience working with government agencies shows that the most frequently used PBX systems are those put into operation in the period between 1980 and 2000. When you look at the economic situation in the country, it becomes clear that these phone networks cannot fully correspond to modern demands. They also require optimization of expenses for their maintenance. Phone carriers use this situation to charge high fees for the use of their networks. IPtel offers its customers new solutions in the field of telephony, namely the transition to new hardware and software VoIP sets for enterprises.

Advantages of cooperation

  • A single plan with a number
  • Multiple additional services
  • Optimization of staff working time
  • Simple and flexible management of all phones within the organization
  • Considerable savings

Using VoIP technology, you can create a single phone network and significantly reduce costs of the hardware and software system maintenance. The system will ensure adequate interaction between the network and information corporate systems responsible for management issues.

Cooperation stages

So how do we work when the company decides to cooperate with us? The process consists of several stages. First, we communicate with the customer and clarify all tasks set for the company’s telephony system. Then, we find out the peculiarities of the already existing telephony system. We then decide which option fits best for the fulfilment of set objectives and select the required equipment. The drafting of the terms of reference and its approval with the customer follows. After the paperwork is ready, we start working on the project, namely installing and connecting all the system’s elements. This is when the costs of equipment and works are being paid. This being said, works may be paid in full or as an advance payment (50% before the start of works and 50% after the completion certificate is signed), whereas the equipment is paid for in full. Form of payment – bank wire.