Installing and Programming PBX for Business

Услуги по подключению и настройке АТС в Одессе
Very few business owners have thought over the role of quality and uninterrupted operation of VoIP in their company. Whereas in contrast, the efficient performance of small companies and large corporations directly depends on the operation of the telephony, which may accept the tremendous amount of calls at once, helping to avoid losing the loyalty of existing customers and business partners. This is why installing and programming PBX is so in demand today in Ukraine, as in the modern world, the availability and quality operation of VoIP determines the company success.

Why do small, medium and large businesses need a PBX?

Every manager dreams of quality telephone communication within a company, which would ensure speedy and quality telephony for customers along with fast and convenient internal communication between company employees. Mini PBX for offices can accept voluminous workloads easily coping with a multitude of tasks:

  • Effective processing and distribution of all incoming calls to the company;
  • Significant reduction of costs on calls in Ukraine and abroad due to minimum charges for outgoing calls;
  • Prompt communication between all office employees, while the main telephone line remains accessible;
  • The ability to “monitor” the quality of call answers thanks to maintaining a call log, existing call recordings;
  • One-click messages to the customer’s phone number;

Installing and administering a PBX for the office means the improvement of both the company and employee performance efficiency, as employee call analytics lets you easily see the quality and success of every employee. By installing VoIP, you can easily boost company revenues through the optimization of performance using data on call analytics, linking a corporate website with company telephones (by installing a callback widget), as well as minimizing costs of communication by paying only for using a virtual mini-PBX and calls at the best rates.

Mini PBX Programming by IPtel specialists

For those business owners who want to receive more calls to corporate numbers, broadcast information to customers outside office hours, IPtel offers PBX for office installation, administration and programming services. Based on the customer’s preferences and the required scope of tasks for VoIP, our specialists will easily and professionally program the PBX, select quality equipment from well-known manufacturers, and execute all the required installation works within a short timeframe.

IPtel offers quality and comprehensive solutions in the field of VoIP for every business thus facilitating its success and prosperity.

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