What Internet connection specifications are enough for the good quality of VoIP communication?

Every active conversation takes up approximately 100Kbps of bandwidth. This means, that a 10 Mbps channel is enough for 10 simultaneous conversations. Also, make sure that the channel delay does not exceed 50ms and 40ms for jitter delay. The package loss percentage in the network should be no more than 0.5%.

We want to switch to VoIP, but keep the analog carrier’s number. Is it possible?

Yes. We will install specialized equipment – VoIP FXO gateway – to connect your analog line to IP PBX.

Which carrier will you connect?

Depending on call distribution in your company, we will select the most suitable carrier based on the price to quality ratio.

Can I avoid buying a server or computer?

Yes, you can. We can install Asterisk and all the required packages on your VPS, virtual machine, or your existing server or computer. You can also rent a cloud solution from us.

How long do all works take?

Based on our practical experience, the deployment of a standard solution takes up to 5 days in case of a packaged solution. Or it can last up to 2 days with cloud solutions (rental).

We have an analog PBX. Can we save our database and analog phones? Will we be able to record calls in this case?

Yes, this is a commonly used scenario. Asterisk is being installed between the VoIP carrier and analog PBX. Most often, the connection to the operator and PBX is established via the E1 flow. All calls passing through Asterisk will be recorded and processed according to IP PBX rules.