Creating a Call Center in Ukraine with the Help of IPtel Specialists

Создание колл-центра под ключ в Одессе
Creating a call center is an important step for those companies that want to fix the issue of a large volume of incoming calls. Quite often, you can hear from company managers numerous stories about how their existing office communication fails to cope with the volumes of incoming, outgoing, or internal calls, which frequently leads to the loss of a potential customer or business partner, who went to your competitor after failing to get through to you for some reason. This is why it is worth considering the creation of a call center to ensure quality phone communication for your business’s optimization and thriving.

Organizing a call center: benefits of this solution

Every business owner understands a simple truth: to be the first in your niche, you must carefully monitor the quality of service (which impacts customer loyalty and the inflow of new customers who come by reference), as well as the performance of your staff. Installation of IPtel’s call center will help distribute the workload of each existing customer relations manager with maximum accuracy. The creation of a call center from scratch (setting up a customer service center) contributes to the subsequent establishment of business processes that can fulfil the following tasks.

  • Place all incoming calls in the queue for prompt answers by available operators. Based on the business needs and customer preferences, various customer call answering strategies may be created.
  • Configuring pleasant music during the waiting time, which will highlight the authority and prestige of your company; the ability to record a greeting message will help you psychologically prepare a potential customer for cooperation with you.
  • The call center helps evenly distribute the workload between all company managers and operators thanks to flexible adjustment of incoming call handling.
  • Call parking and call forwarding features. The ability to “park” a call from the customer enables the forwarding of this call to another staff member, as well as connecting it to another department. Call forwarding also allows transferring the call to a landline or mobile line.

In addition, you can organize a conference call between several participants (which is an indispensable feature for conducting briefings and meetings) and install an interactive voice broadcasting response for the automatic distribution of calls between departments and specialists. And if the specialist is unavailable, the “call interception” feature will forward the call.

Automating call handling center operation

Call center automation through flexible call routing, as well as the existing analytics is a considerable advantage of call center operation, which can help not only to make calls among the staff depending on their specialization, availability, workload but also to analyze the performance of a given staff member or department based on recorded conversations.

Creating a call center with the help of IPtel specialists is a reliable investment in the successful development of your business. Our specialists will fix any issues related to the installation, creation, configuration, automation of call handling centers in a reliable, fast and quality manner.

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