Call Recording, Detailed Statistics, Billing

Возможности ip-АТС с записью разговоровCall Recording, Detailed Statistics, Billing


Call recording is one of the features included in the extensive Asterisk IP PBX functionality. It allows not only to record all phone conversations but also to store them on the server. What is more, you can listen to these recordings at any time.

This feature is very useful and popular.

For instance, it can help in investigating incidents. Basically, the security service may use the call recording feature to identify and prevent work arrangement violations, facts of telephone threats, etc. In addition, call recording allows completing some other tasks: control unreliable employees and the quality of all staff performance; review customer complaints; staff members can listen to their own conversations to improve their skills of communicating with customers and conducting negotiations.

Modern office PBX offered by leading vendors often either don’t include a call recording feature or their solutions are expensive. All IP PBX implemented by our company out of the box support recording and listening to all calls from a user-friendly web interface or files stored on the server where the Asterisk-based private branch exchange is installed.