Call Centers for Hotels and Tourist Agencies

Call Centers for Tourism and Recreation

Increasingly more people today appreciate good and high-quality vacations. This leads to the emergence of a multitude of hotels, motels, resorts, boarding houses where tourists can relax and unwind in picturesque sites and beautiful cities all around the world. To book a hotel room, you no longer need to go there, you can just use the services of their call center. However, since the number of calls to resorts and boarding houses during the high season is crazy, call centers need to hire more staff and provide them with reliable equipment.

Improve service quality

Use the Asterisk platform to simplify the operation of your call center. It is useful in fast and easy management of huge numbers of phone calls, during which customers book rooms, order tours and excursions. The platform can facilitate call center operation through the use of:

  • Pre-set system of phone greetings
  • Waiting mode
  • IVR
  • Call recording

Call center with modern technologies

This is a great way to simplify the process of handling both incoming and outgoing calls. VoIP within the company is a good way to make the young generation interested in modern technologies an element of your customer database.

IP PBX allows any organization to easily set up a contact center capable of responding to calls 24/7 using a VoIP-based system. This will equip rooms with both wired and wireless IP network connections. With Asterisk-based PBX, you can offer your customers a hotel where they will be able to hold business meetings and conferences. This will certainly expand the flow of guests and increase their numbers. If you allow your guests to make use of your Internet, telephone and fax, your hotel may become a center of recurring business meetings and training sessions.


With Asterisk, booking hotels is effortless. A tour agency management can set the platform to provide potential customers with exhausting information on prices, room availability, trip routes, and so on.

This is very convenient as tourists can get this information 24/7. IP contact center lets a potential guest book a trip without someone’s help. You don’t need another employee who would act as a secretary for this.

To work effectively with fax messages, the telephony set includes a dedicated fax server. It will make sending, receiving and handling of messages using fax.

Our products will help you easily:

  • Sell a tour
  • Book a room
  • Obtain a visa
  • Arrange an excursion

Sales via telephone

Selling tours by phone is very convenient. This is a cheap and simple method of communication between the company offering trips and potential tourists. Modern equipment allows making a selection of data from the existing contact database.

CRM system is a part of Asterisk-based IP PBX. These systems are interconnected. In this case, the call is made by pressing a link with the tourist’s contact number. The automatic dialer feature allows reaching customers that may be busy and don’t answer calls right away.

Telephone marketing is a great helper in the tourist industry. With the call center toolbox, you can offer your potential customers information on new and hot tours, various company discounts and promotions. When you integrate PBX software and CRM systems, you can offer tourists exhaustive information on many topics.



It will help improve the quality of services and increase the quantity of primary and secondary sales. If the customer has any questions, they can get a prompt response by calling a hotline.

In the event of any emergency, the customer may also call a hotline to resolve the issue. The availability of a hotline will influence the tourist agency status.

CRM system helps the operator to quickly answer customers’ questions. It uses the number to identify and find a personal customer card. It contains all customer data, which allows quickly answering all the questions.

Hotline operators will promptly give customers information on:

  • Drafting and collecting paperwork
  • Payment aspects
  • Paperwork status
  • Delayed flights
  • Possible schedule changes