Phone communications for debt collecting companies

Debt collecting companies are mainly characterized by a daily need to establish contacts with consumers and subsequent cooperation with them. This refers to providing information on the debt for a given period, debt amount, terms for its repayment, penalties in case of default in debt payment. Phone communication is the main method used to maintain continuous contact with the debtor. But given the fact that debt collecting companies cooperate with a tremendous number of customers, lots of time and resources are spent on calls to them. In view of this, the company suffers huge losses when paying phone bills. To notify debtors in a conventional manner, debt collecting agency operators need to:

  • Dial the specified phone number
  • Spend long and exhausting minutes waiting for the recipient to pick up
  • Face debtor’s hostile behavior


All of these processes take up too much of the company’s time and resources. This is why, in this situation, it is best to automate your dialing system. This system will not just boost performance, but also save financial resources.


  • Various dialing methods
  • Automatic calls offering the information that needs to be communicated to the contact
  • Personal messages during calls
  • Linking the customer’s database and CRM
  • Recording and storing messages for the fastest search within a system
  • User-friendly and intuitive software interface
  • The ability to view statistical data on the results of system functioning for a specified time
  • Simultaneous dialing according to multiple lists


On top of this, automatic calls to the debtor allow both to automate the process as much as possible and to optimize the performance of call center staff.

Optimization is reflected in:

  • Multichannel communication, which is required for everyday communication with customers and for receiving incoming calls
  • Automated outgoing communication. Operators are involved only after the customer picks up. No time is spent on dialing or waiting for the answer
  • Optimized workflow during a dialog between a staff member and a debtor
  • Integration with the customer’s operating environment