Automatic dialer

Dialer is an app for automatic calls to customers/buyers according to a list.
This business telephony component automatically dials numbers from the list and either plays an audio file or connects the recipient with the operator (employee) in real time. Using it, you can make calls in the automatic (without the involvement of operators) and semi-automatic mode. It helps optimize the task of making routine calls, thus speeding up company performance and cutting expenses on calls.

  • Employees don’t waste time dialing and waiting for the customer to pick up.
  • More cold sales via phone
  • The manager sees and manages calls to customers in real time
  • Employees make calls only strictly according to the schedule and using the database uploaded by the manager.
  • Employees don’t take breaks between calls
  • Routine tasks can be delegated to a computer
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Operatorless outgoing calling

Providing existing customers with some personalized (like calls to debtors with reminders of the debt amount) or general (such as a notification regarding technical maintenance) information.

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Outgoing calls with operator reservation

The system assigns the operator even before the call starts. In this mode, the employee just waits to be connected with the customer. In addition, the system may also display a customer card to help prepare for the upcoming call.

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Predictive dialing

The operator connects to the call only after the customer picks up. The call is initiated based on various configurable criteria, and the system selects a number of the recipient it is going to call from the dialing list.

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Graphic web interface for the management

The app features a user-friendly web interface. The call center supervisor can monitor operator performance in real time, track change dynamics and assess performance efficiency.

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Customer card preview

When an incoming call is received, a call card with complete information on the customer pops up on the employee’s screen. This way, the employee does not need to waste the customer’s time and gets down to business right away.

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Upload customer lists from various sources

From Excel file. If needed, the app may be upgraded to integrate with the CRM or a database.

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Call reporting

Arrange your company operation relying on measurable indicators of customer service and staff performance. The system contains reports on made and missed calls, it can filter reports by date, tasks, reports can be downloaded in Excel.

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The customer asked for a callback? The system will automatically make a call at a specified time or display a reminder to call back.

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Rights management

The app has 3 security levels used to manage the rights of users, operators, and administrators.

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Integration with CRM

Integration with business apps will allow opening a customer card from your CRM, which will boost sales.

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Voicemail identification

The system can identify 90% of voicemail services and will not forward these calls to employees, which helps save time and money.

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Conversation scenario

A pre-defined call script available to the operator during the call helps the employee conduct a fluent conversation from the greeting to deal finalization.

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Automatic dialer: how it works


Create a dialing campaignCreate a separate campaign for a specific task: information broadcasting, survey, cold calls.

Select a dialing mode: with the operator or using an automatic broadcasting robot.

Set call time, the number of call attempts, pauses between attempts. Add call completion statuses.


Download a list

Download a list of contacts from the Excel file along with additional fields, such as full name, preferences, city.

You can add an unlimited number of fields, which the operator will see during the conversation with the lead.


Configure call scenarioSelect questions that the employee will ask during the call; this information will be available to the operator.

To make the manager’s work easier, create your own algorithm of cold calls that would be convenient during the conversation.



The system will do the rest.

It dials customers from the list and connects them with available staff members.
You can monitor calls in real time and manage them.


Assessment of call results

After the call round is finished, you can export results for analysis and processing in Excel.

Automatic dialing

With automatic dialing, you can quickly broadcast information to multiple loyal buyers telling them about new offers and phone services, or just use this feature to make calls to customers. Automatic calls to customers by phone can be made using a “Dialer” service.

Automatic calls to contacts: benefits

For companies that don’t have their own call center, but occasionally need to communicate some information to their customers on new services, promotions, events, or debts, the automatic dialer system is the best solution.

It should be noted that the automatic dialer may be used in any business sector to communicate any information to customers and create a customized IVR offering multi-choice answers. Automatic calls to debtors are the most popular among banks, debt collecting agencies, car dealerships, fitness centers, medical facilities, beauty salons, schools, preschool establishments, etc. What is more, this automatic dialer can be used to easily and quickly conduct various marketing sociological surveys.

With Asterisk automatic dialer, you can:

  • Integrate with a CRM database to use your customer database and create required entries in the system;
  • Implement results – you can export and import call entries into your own database;
  • System routing – create the maximum number of outgoing lines to prevent overloading of your phone lines;
  • Phone calls at a specified time – you can create your own schedule of calls to customers and set phone campaign start and end times;
  • Multiple calls – if the call does not go through, the system will dial the contact again a specified number of times.

Cloud PBX-based automatic dialer allows optimizing the performance both of small startups and large businesses or even corporations.

Deploying IPtel’s dialer

Automatic dialing of customers from your database (debtors) facilitates considerable savings of time and company resources. After all, even the availability of a call center does not always ensure proper arrangement of calls according to customer database: manual dialing, long waiting time, often durable conversations with customers. All of these prevent broadcasting the required information to all contacts from the specified database in a short time. With IPtel’s automating calls to debtors and customers, the system will make calls according to a pre-set algorithm of steps.

Our company can set the dialer for calls within Ukraine. When you order a service on our website, you get:

  • A multitasking system capable of processing large volumes of information;
  • Maximum dialing speed – up to several thousand calls per hour;
  • Customized robot, the ability to use the preferred voice;
  • Configuration of any scenarios for phone calls;
  • Complete call analytics.

When you order an automatic dialer from IPtel, you can sell, notify, survey your customers while retaining their loyalty!